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eBikes Are For Everyone

eBikes are for everyone!

Whether you're looking for a bike to double up on the daily commute and weekend exploring, or an off-road companion to broaden your horizons, we've got the eBike to suit you. Rugged and adaptable with easy handling and blending Bosch power with industry leading design, whichever one you choose is bound to put a smile on your face. Riding has never been this fun...

Ebike Commuting


Whether you want to make navigating the commute to work a faster and more enjoyable experience or escape the city on the weekends, we've got the perfect bike for you!


Ebike Touring


When your imagination meets the extra power of our e-MTBs, no ride is too long, too far or too difficult. There's nothing stopping you now!


Cube Ebike Trail

Sport/ Trail

Our sporty e-MTBs are built to be as versatile as you need. Robust reliability meets agile handling, making them fun to ride both on and off road.


Power that moves you forward. And everywhere.

Electric bikes help you get around better in the city, with your family or up a mountain. It gives you a power boost when you need it and makes you independent of schedules or parking spaces. The eBike takes up little space and produces neither noise or exhaust fumes. In return, the focus is on the fun--even on longer routes. And, of course, an incomparable riding experience.

No wonder electric bikes are booming. Its advantages are both fascinating and convincing. However, understanding the variety of eBikes can be a challenge. The quality, capabilities and serviceability vary greatly. But don't worry: We'll explain everything you need to know about eBikes here.

Bosch Motor illustration


Many of the most premium electric bikes use mid-drive motors. There's a good reason for this: It sits at the bottom bracket in the middle of the bike, which lowers the center of gravity and leads to balanced weight distribution. Both of these factors make handling easier, and the direct power transmission to the chain also conveys a natural ride-feel. The fact that most premium eBikes use a mid-motor instead of a front or rear wheel motor brings another advantage. It preserves the natural riding feel familiar from bicycles and you don't feel pushed (rear wheel motor) or pulled (front wheel motor). In addition, with the mid-motor, the power can be controlled sensitively and precisely via the pedal pressure. Very important: Only the mid-drive motor can provide maximum power even at low speeds. It gives you thrust whenever you need it.

It's You, Only Faster

Electric bikes with pedal-assist perfection.

The right motor, battery, software, and frame mean nothing if they don’t come together to amplify every aspect of the ride. The best electric bikes on the market were designed to disappear beneath you so you can focus on flying on the road, bombing down the mountain, or cruising around town. It’s you… only faster, farther, smarter, better, and happier.

Looking for tougher rides, steeper climbs, or longer days in the saddle? Whether you want full support or just a little assistance, we have a bike that fits your needs. 

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