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Women's Astroman Sun Hoodie


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Do you like getting fried in the sun? No? Us either. That’s why we created the Astroman Sun Hoodie. Named for one of Yosemite’s most famous climbs, this best-selling, UV-protective shirt has all the features you need to stay cool—and very un-sunburned. Not only is this women’s sun shirt packed with the highest sun protection possible (UPF 50+), it’s also breathable, feather-light, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. For good measure, we also designed this top with our signature movement-mirroring stretch so you can pull whatever wild moves you need to, as well as a fit so good, people rave about it. Secure this top’s hood over your mountain bike helmet or slip your thumbs through the aptly named thumb loops before belaying, and take on that sunny day, fully protected and ready for any adventure.

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