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400 lumens
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Up to 21h F / 57h R

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• Max 400 lumens / 21 hour runtime in Flash mode (Front)
• Max 150 lumens / 57 hour runtime in Flash mode (Rear)
• Lightweight and durable.
• IPX7 water resistant co-molded design.
• Five ultra high-output LEDs.
• Ten combined lumen and flash output modes.
• Highly disruptive Daytime Flash mode.
• USB stick rechargeable
• Multiple mounting options
• New 800 mAh battery
• New mounting style to fit shorter seat posts with USB plug and cable.
• Wide angle optics with 270° visibility for maximum safety.
• Rear light is aero seat post compatible.

Tech Specs


Brand Lezyne
Primary Color Black
Light Type LED
Rechargeable Yes
Bracket Silicone Strap



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