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The Lockstand Extensions are an add-on for the Atlas Lockstand™ on the new GSD. They’re designed to make the Lockstand even more stable while providing easy access to the stand at all times. Their extra-wide footprint extends out at a right angle from the GSD for maximum stability—essential when loading and unloading kids or heavy cargo. They also make it easier to activate the stand when riding with fully-loaded panniers or the Storm Box (which may make finding the Lockstand with your foot a bit tricky).

• Makes the Atlas Lockstand even more stable and user-friendly
• Extends outwards from the Lockstand for easier actuation by foot
• Widens the Lockstand’s footprint for rock-solid loading and unloading of kids or cargo
• Provides hassle-free Lockstand access while using rear cargo accessories like the Cargo Hold 52 Panniers, Sidekick Wide Decks, or Storm Box
• Strong, tubular construction designed to withstand heavy loads
• Rubberized feet protect indoor flooring
• Rubberized feet are replaceable

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