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RevoScoot Electric Scooter RevoScoot Plus 350W Motor 36V 10Ah


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• Long Mileage: 25-35 KM(Depends on Road and Driver Weight),350W motor,Strong driving force, 15° climbing ability
• Dual Brake & Shock Absorption System: Front electronic brake, rear drum brake, dual brake system, Built-in spring absorption + rear wheel rebar spring damping, providing a more comfortable and safe driving experience in all directions
• 10-inch widened honeycomb tires, wear-resistant and safe, Built-in spring absorption + rebar spring damping effectively, double shock absorption, improves the stability and comfort of the electric scooter while driving
• Lighting System–Function LCD screen + High brightness front lighting LED light + Horn reminder + Taillights with brake warning and safety nighttime flashing

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