Review: Syncros' Hixon SL IC Integrated Carbon Bar & Stem

20 Feb 2019 Review: Syncros’ Hixon SL IC Integrated Carbon Bar & Stem

The downsides to the Hixon are obvious, but so are the upsides; it’s light as hell and still quite rigid. If you like how it looks, get along with the position, and don’t mind dropping this kind of coin on an ultra-light and high-tech cockpit, then you might want to check it out. Sure, it’s far more bougie than most of us can justify, but who am I to say where the ‘not worth it’ line is? Besides, there are countless normal stems and handlebars out there, from inexpensive to incredibly expensive, but the Hixon takes a different, if a bit odd-looking, stab at mountain bike cockpits. 

Mike Levy

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