30 Mar 2018 Push your limits

During the training camp of Pro cycling team Bora-Hansgrohe in Girona, the Tacx Magnum was introduced to UCI World champion Peter Sagan and created this inspirational video. Get motivated to push your limits by Peter Sagan!

The Magnum Smart is the first Smart trainer you can ride & run on. As such, this unique and revolutionary bike- & treadmill introduces a completely new way of training. You don’t have to worry about your speed or pace as the belt will adjust instantaneously to every minor change in speed. Providing a very natural and realistic experience. With speeds up 30km/h you are able to train your endurance as well as your desired interval workouts. And with a maximum incline of 15% the Magnum simulates every climb as you would experience it outdoors. Riding under an actual angle gives you the advantage of training the right muscles and movements, boosting your climbing skills.

When cycling, the Magnum measures your speed, cadence and power accurately and sends this to multiple devices at once; one to control the belt, another to read out your data. This is possible thanks to the dual band communication, it uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to communicate.



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