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Product Protection Plan

Product Protection Plan

For What Warranty Doesn’t Cover


Warranties suck, and in an ideal world no one would have to deal with them. If things do go wrong though, it’s nice to know the manufacturer of the product has your back! While a manufacturer’s warranty does cover their products against defects, they don’t cover the shipping and labour costs involved in the warranty process. Because of these unexpected charges, Revolution Cycle now offers a Product Protection Plan (PPP) to cover shipping and labour costs in the event of a warranty. This means there are no unexpected charges to worry about when replacing a defective product.

How much does the plan cost?

The prices are based off of the full retail price of the product, not the sale price.

Product Price
Products Under $1,000 $9.99
$1,000-$3,000 Products $19.99
Products Over $3,000 $49.99

How long does the plan last?

The protection plan lasts as long as the manufacturer’s warranty for a product lasts. Just like the manufacturer’s warranty, the Product Protection Plan is only for the original purchaser and is non-transferrable.

Brand Warranty*
Specialized Lifetime Frame Warranty
Cannondale Lifetime Frame Warranty
Electra Lifetime Frame Warranty
Opus Lifetime Frame Warranty
Pivot Cycles 10 Year Carbon Frame Warranty**


3 Year Alloy Frame Warranty

Cube Bikes 6 Year Aluminium Frame Warranty


3 Year Carbon Frame Warranty

Rocky Mountain Bicycles 5 Year Frame Warranty
Scott Bikes 5 Year Frame Warranty
Haibike 5 Year Frame Warranty
Dahon 5 Year Frame Warranty
Linus 5 Year Frame Warranty
Yuba Bikes 2 Year Frame Warranty
Shimano Components 2 Years Warranty

All Other Components Included on Complete Bikes


1 Year Warranty

BOSCH warranty: 24months

Battery Pack warranty: A minimum of 500 charging cycles within the warranty period.

*Warranty lengths are set by the manufacturer and are subject to change.

**Only on Pivot bikes purchased on or after June 1st 2017. Bikes purchased earlier come with a 3 year frame warranty.

Does the plan cover crash damage and user error?

No, the plan does not extend or cover anything outside of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I purchase the Protection Plan after I’ve bought my bike?

Yes, you have 30 days after purchasing a bike to add the Product Protection Plan to it.