The New Habit Carbon 3 Is Cannondale’s Best Mountain Bike Ever

05 Nov 2018 The New Habit Carbon 3 Is Cannondale’s Best Mountain Bike Ever

Over the past few years, Cannondale has been making some major changes to their lineup, and our staff have been quite excited with the direction they’ve been going. Their all new Habit and Bad Habit are a reflection of this, featuring modern geometry, conventional suspension, and an amazing value. Recently Bicycling Magazine reviewed the all new Habit and here’s what they had to say:

Cannondale used to be the brand that was impossible to ignore. It was the company that made single-sided Lefty suspension forks; it was the bike company that made a motorcycle. Numerous stumbles bruised Cannondale, but the company seems to be finding flow again. The bikes aren’t as bold, but they’re better.

The new Habit trail bike is the best Cannondale mountain bike I’ve ever ridden. But it’s so subtle it’s almost unrecognizable as a Cannondale. There’s no Lefty and not a whiff of proprietary technology.

If you’re interested in what else they had to say, you can read the full review here. We’re still waiting on most of our habit models to arrive, but you can view the ones we do have here. As the new bikes show up they will appear on our site.