FIRST LOOK - 2016 Cannondale CAAD12

16 Oct 2015 FIRST LOOK – 2016 Cannondale CAAD12

Cannondale is world renown for their aluminium bikes. Ever since they made the world’s first aluminium alloy road bike, the ST-500, they’ve always set the bar high for aluminium road frames. Their CAAD10, in recent history, has been an amazing value, offering road cyclists higher end components for hundreds of dollars less than the carbon fiber competition. With a stiff frame at an agreeable price point, the CAAD10 became a hit with amateurs and crit racers alike. Moving into 2016, Cannondale completely redesigned the their flagship bike, and it evolved into the all new CAAD12.



The “I can’t believe it’s not carbon” CAAD12


Among a slough of new features, one that by far stands out the most is the addition of a disc brake equipped model. Disc brakes have been a very popular feature on Endurance road bikes, such as the Cannondale Synapse, but it is rare to see disc brakes on a Performance oriented road bike. Disc brakes allow for greater modulation and heat management while descending, and with greater stopping power in wet conditions, weather is no longer an excuse for missing a training session. Whether that’s a benefit or a downside is up to you.



Hydraulic disc brakes using Shimano’s new discrete direct mount system


Aside from adding a disc option, compliance was a huge focus for the engineers at Cannondale. Unlike carbon fiber, aluminum rings and carries vibrations to the rider, causing fatigue. Cannondale’s SAVE vibration dampening system has proven itself across both their mountain and road bikes, and has been further refined for the new CAAD12. With an acclaimed 50% more complaint rear triangle, 10% more compliant carbon fork, and a new 25.4 narrower seat post offering 36% more compliance over a standard
27.2 seat post, the CAAD12 is set to be a much more comfortable ride than it’s predecessors.



The new Frame, Fork and Seat post make for one smoooooooooooth ride

Internal cable routing is another welcome feature on the new bike, a feature not even offered on the Cannondale SuperSix, their top end Carbon race bike! Internally routed cables cause less wind resistance, stay cleaner for longer than externally routed cables, and attribute to a clean and slick looking bike. The CAAD12 comes with their own SI crankset, a Cannondale exclusive which is lighter and stiffer than most cranksets in it class.


Internal Cables and custom made cranks, a well put together package.

Heading into winter we have different sizes and models arriving for the 2016 season, so we’ll haves models to suit your size and price range. If you’re looking for a well spec’d all-round road bike for next summer, the CAAD12 may be your best bet. Come testride one today!