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Fat Bike Rentals and Tours!

Well, Edmonton, winter has come early and it seems to be locked in! Time to put away all our summer toys and make way for some fun in the snow. What better way to enjoy this recent dump of fluffy powder than to go for a ride on a fat bike!?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a “fat bike” is, here’s a quick overview: a fat bike is an all-terrain mountain bike equipped with oversized tires and rims. Typically, the tires are 4 inches wide or greater, and are set to pressures as low as 8psi. The combination of wide tires and low pressure allows for the rider to float over difficult terrain such as snow, sand, and mud. These bikes can plow over almost anything in their path, and make for an amazing winter sport.

You don’t own a fat bike? That’s ok! Aside from selling fat bikes, we offer fat bike rentals at day and weekend rates. We will help size you up and send you out for a fantastic winter experience. Details on our website or in store. Come rent one today and see what all the fuss is about for yourself! click here to book your rental now

Interested in trying this new winter sport out but don’t know where to begin? We can help with that too! Revolution Cycle and eValley Tours are now offering a winter fat bike guided tour through the Edmonton river valley. This tour is great for people of all ages and is a fantastic way to view our snow covered trail network. The tour even includes a pit stop at Hawrelak Park for a VIP access viewing of the Ice Castle! That’s right… enter the ice castle at the halfway point in our ride, without waiting in that freezing cold line up, all while sipping on some complementary hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Details on the tour will be posted soon, so please stand by and get ready to experience an Edmonton winter like you never have before.