DAHON Folding Bikes Now in Stock!

07 Sep 2018 DAHON Folding Bikes Now in Stock!

DAHON bikes have always been the industry benchmark of what a folding bike should do. They’re light, they fold up incredibly small, they’re very versatile, and most importantly, they’re reliable. For 2019, we will be bringing in the DAHON lineup. We even have some clearout deals on older models Aswell!

Vitesse i7

MU D10


The Spirit of DAHON

DAHON products provide performance that exceeds expectations. A DAHON bike performs seamlessly splitting lanes on an urban street, a 30 mile weekend outing, or even a journey with a mountain pass descent. DAHON products also provide the convenience to go anywhere, anytime. A DAHON bike provides the flexibility to use other modes of transportation in order to get from point A to point B and stows easily when not in use.

Conquering the Roads with Foldable Green Technology

DAHON was founded on a vision of “green” mobility, a form of transportation that not only serves to keep people healthier, but also preserves the environment for the next generation.

Their philosophy holds that a truly green product is one that is not disposable but is well made, and designed to bring its owner many years of enjoyable use. DAHON holds a premium place in the market by continuously striving to provide the best folding bicycles money can buy, and always staying a step ahead in terms of technology. They feel that foldable bicycles can, and should, deliver ride performance as good as or better than a traditional bike.

What’s more, at DAHON they practice what they preach: many of our 800+ employees travel to work by bike, public transport, or a combination of both and participate in biking events on weekends and holidays.


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