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We love a good custom build, and the attention to detail on this one is just superb!

Topstone Carbon distills Cannondale’s experience making fast race bikes, comfortable endurance bikes and ultra-light dual suspension mountain bikes into the most off-road capable, and on-road comfortable, road bike ever made. Designed for maximum fun in places most gravel bikes would fear to tread, or maximum comfort in more sedate terrain.

e-MTBs leaves us all with questions…We’re just glad that Matt Hunter’s good at answering ‘em.

The Ransom was built upon several basic principles. It had to be strong/light, it had to be versatile, and it had to go fast. In the first of a three-part mini-series, we explore the bikes desire to rip, bringing us back to why we all started riding bikes – going fast is fun.

Daily life in the modern world is a blur, a miasma of meaningless motions and perfunctory routines. Like this, tag that. Add an emoticon to express your deepest emotions. Tens of thousands of years into the evolution of our species, and we’ve reduced ourselves to a never-ending stream of social-media drivel. Emasculated, stripped bare of our evolutionary honor. We have come this far, for what?

t’s time to swipe left on the postmodern smokescreen. Spike the smartphone into the dirt and grind it into oblivion. Reach deep into oneself and embrace the primal instincts, the drive to survive, the unbridled, ancestral DNA. The chaos is the order. And the order is the chaos.

The bipedal primate, one foot on pedal, the cracking of its neck thundering through the stillness. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, explode. Mash the cranks with a ferocity, muscle against metal, neither giving in, each working in tandem to produce sheer velocity. To create pure, wanton speed.

The universe is narrow, an inverted black hole in which these fleeting seconds expand into a lifetime of possibility. Each tear-filled blink becomes an epoch in a new era of urgency, a new dawn in which two legs and two wheels determine their own fate. This is the Age of Speed, where reason and rationality are left in the smoldering scrapheap of petty human constructs. This is the place where gravity is held to Ransom.


The Ransom is the long travel all mountain bike to rule them all. From stage racing at the highest level to traversing the world’s most demanding mountains, this bike was designed to help you ride like you never have before. Progressive geometry, 170mm of suspension travel front and rear in unison with the TwinLoc Suspension System and our strongest carbon construction to date gives you a mountain bike that will surely give you plenty of rewards when taking risks. Make mountains move.

Launched back in late 2018 the SCOTT Ransom has proven his abilities and versatile character not only on trails all around the globe, but as well in various media reviews testing it down to the bone- nothing more to say!


We’ve got a wide range of bikes from Salsa Cycles on the way! Keep your eyes peeled to see what we have on the way! In the meantime, we have their all-new Horsethief, which was just released today.